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When you purchase from Rasha Hamdan online store, 15% of all of proceeds go towards charitable causes.

Charity #1: Support Women-led Groups in Beirut

After the tragic explosion in Beirut port in August 2020, I have chosen to support the Global Fund for Women, particularly in their funding campaign to help women-led recovery efforts in Beirut.

The Global Fund for Women crisis funding is supportive and responsive directly to local needs, as expressed by local women, and is vital to healing and recovery. Proceeds will go directly to support local, grassroots feminist groups in the aftermath of the devastating explosion in Lebanon. 

Charity #2: Support Palestine's Child Relief Fund

PCRF provides medical treatment that helped save the lives of thousands of children from around the Middle East, not just in Palestine. In addition to providing free medical care directly to children, They're also working on developing sustainable solutions to ongoing regional health challenges by training local doctors and providing crucial healthcare infrastructure to local hospitals. You can never donate too much to such a basic human need especially for children, who are always the victims of ongoing conflicts and economic crisis across the Middle East.

Thank you for helping, not only in donation, but also in spreading the message 
With love,

Rasha Hamdan